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The prophecy

Darkness the devil, patient and cunning.
Will try and return when man is farthest from God. When humanity is most lost,
He will claim it.

All will be made equal among thinking machines. God’s children returned to the Earth,
a holy woman will be born in snow.
To suffer great sins and be not believed.

Pure and imperfect,
she shall carry both.
Half animal, her divinity countered.
Conceived of light, her grace darkened by flesh.

Light and dark escape with the father.

Men shall build elephants faster than eagles and conquer the Earth beneath its feet.
The mother carried in its womb,
light and dark be born together.

The father will be tempted by the princess. Love be thy drive,
he drawn to black treasure.

Princess of dragon rock will be reborn in dreams. The father will throw water to flame.

Before the Messiah can learn to love,
The anti-Christ will try and kill his brother. The anti-Christ will till hatred in the father. He will use the holy man to kill his brother. He will use the soldier and the father. Light nor dark shall be vanquished, only the father. The mother preserves the pair,
and light relights light.

The father and mother shall raise twin boys. Opposite and identical,
they fight their reflection.
Meek is the father farming peace.

Of man’s own hand, Earth becomes hot salt. Fires choke sky.
Oceans fight back.

Eden to ashes, man’s need to escape.
Mental departure allows man to elate.
Darkness takes in darkness and learns to bend light. Humanity hanged by magic ropes.

Light be appointed and darkness elected.
The Lord of flies feeds off death and suffering.

The Lord of flies feeds off death and suffering. Mushroom mountains let him feast.
Man is barely out of the jungle.

The world does battle, and ash becomes flame. Light resists violence, others blinded by flesh. God’s children return.
Light and darkness rise.

Light unites. Evil divides. One final battle. Everything.

The Messiah will not resist his slaughter. His brother will succeed.
Light relights.
Angels and demons breed.

The universe pregnant, Earth a new seed.

A cosmic crop,  one among many.

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